The length of one program session is 5 weeks and 375 hours of practical work.

Participation in Campus is free of charge.

We enroll practicing designers with a strong portfolio, flexible mind and healthy values.

Campus is not an educational program, but its graduates receive a certificate of accomplishment.

How it all began

Professional development programs in Masterskaya® first opened in 2010. Since then, more than 100 people have graduated from our programs; a lot of them found a job in Russia’s leading publishing houses and companies. On September 2, 2013, Masterskaya® and Yandex opened Campus — a project site for designers in the Moscow Area. The designers, who have passed our exam, are formed into groups of 3–5 people to study the fiveweek theoretical course and work on current projects of Masterskaya®.

Why did we create Campus?

The goal of Campus is to educate a generation of conscientious and sentient designers, who are able to formulate and solve project problems through research and reconsidering of context. We want every co-worker to leave Campus with a clear understanding of his/her goal in profession and life. Our market and our country need such people very much. Co-workers take part in realization of charity and socially important projects; they support professional initiatives necessary for the field development.


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